Information Needed For Your Loan Application


  1. Copy of the contract.
  2. Copy of all addendums.
  3. A copy of the listing property description sheet.
  4. Copy of earnest money deposit check.
  5. Copy of deed.
  6. Copy of tax bill.


  1. Full names of all purchasers as they are to appear on the title.
  2. Social security numbers of all purchasers.
  3. Present residence address for all purchasers.
  4. Previous address for all purchasers going back two years if they have not resided in the present home for two years.
  5. Home and office phone numbers.


  1. Present Employer: Name, address AND a contact person to send employment verification form.
    1. Explanation for any gap during 2 year history.
    2. Relocation letter for any transferees - giving date, salary, change location, and any relocation benefits.
  2. Previous Employer: Name, address and a contact person, going back two years if not in present job 2 years.
  3. Present Salary: Year to date pay stub and last 2 year's W-2's.
  4. If any variable income: commission, part-time income, bonus, overtime, interest income, etc., is being used to qualify: TWO year's SIGNED federal tax returns and W-2's and/or 1099's.
  5. If self employed: Two year's signed federal individual and corporate returns (if there are corporate returns). Also a year-to-date profit and loss balance sheet.
  6. Diploma or transcript if student during 2 year period.


  1. Rental Income: Copy of a lease which is current and at least one year in length.
  2. Alimony and Child Support: Only if used for qualification. Copy of divorce decree and property settlement (ratified) setting out terms. Proof of payment will also be requested at application.
  3. Income From Notes Held: A copy of the ratified note.
  4. Retirement, Social Security, and Disability Income: Copy of award letter and latest check showing amount of present payment. Copy of end of year statement if applicable.


  1. Bank Account: Name of the bank, address, account numbers, type of accounts and present balances. With checking use average balance.
    1. Copy of two most recent statements for all accounts.
  2. Stocks and Bonds: Copy of certificates or copy of recent (within 30 days) broker statement listing the holdings. Copy of statement can be used for many mutual funds etc.
  3. Life Insurance: Cash value only if being used for down payment.
  4. Vehicles: Year and make and value. Copy of the title if under 4 years old with no outstanding lien.
  5. Real Estate: Address and market value, If free and clear, deed of release, deed, or mortgage payoff.
  6. Present Home: Copy of Sales Contract, Settlement Sheet, and/or Lease.
  7. Gift Letter: Form will be provided by financial representative. Donor Capacity must be verified. Receipt of funds must be shown in account.


  1. Credit Cards: Account number and outstanding balance and most recent statement.
  2. Loans: Auto, Mortgage, Personal, Student, etc.: Name of institution, address, account numbers, outstanding balance, monthly payments, months left on loan. Copy of next payment coupon.
    1. 12 months of statements or canceled checks for present mortgage.
  3. Alimony and Child Support: Copy of ratified Decree and property settlement setting out terms.


  1. Certificate of Eligibility: To obtain certificate, will need a DD-214 (Separation of Service) or if in service will need statement of service signed by Commanding Officer or Personnel Officer (certificate must be updated before application).
  2. If in service will need Authorization to Live Off Base (DD Form 1747 from Housing Office) and Transfer Orders (if applicable).


  1. Appraisal
  2. Credit Report


  1. Listing
  2. Sales Contract
  3. Settlement Sheet (if sold within last year)
  4. Name and address of Present Landlord
  5. Deed (refinances only)